World-Building & Twitter

I decided that, since I use Instagram as a way to expose my Art Photography, I could use Twitter as a means to expose my writing – so I made a twitter account for vinterheim. You can find me here @vinterheim

With that out of the way, let’s talk about world-building. It is something I have never really done before, and therefore also something I find myself struggling with. Nevertheless, it’s something that needs to be done in order for me to have complete control over the landscape and scenes in my novel. So – I build my world as best I can.

I had asked people to read the short 1400-or-so word text I had written the other day. And I received loads of feedback! Most of which were along the lines of I wish this was longer, I wanted to read more / this, that and the other thing needed more explanation. So I’ve done the sensible thing, and started to flesh out the storyline (a lot). This is partly also the reason I’m world-building my butt off. My intention is to write a novel that’s suitable for kids in the 8-10 year old age-bracket, but also a novel that could be read by older kids – even adults – and enjoyed equally. Is it a lofty ambition? Hell yes. I expect I will be revising and re-writing this beast several times before even considering attempting to get it published.

But hey, if nothing else – at least I’ll end up with something I can work with, right?


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