Heiinghund – Draugkvad

I’ve done another commission for the band Heiinghund for their upcoming release Draugkvad. This time around I opted for my primary art medium – photography –  and delivered 27 images in total. 11 of the images were selected by the band to be voted on by their fanbase. 4 of the 11 images will appear in the final album booklet.

The album drops on Friday the 13th in April.

This also means I am now able to call myself an artist – for real.  


Commissions – For Exposure (pt II)

A while back I blogged about doing a commissioned piece for exposure and for a commissioned piece in return. I just finished the artwork last night, and here it is:

I did the album cover for this upcoming release from Heiinghund

You can listen to their previous release here on Spotify


This was a lot of fun to work on, and I hope I’ll get to do more of these types of commissions in the future.

INSPIRATION: Music – Nine Inch Nails

Certain things inspire me more when it comes to creating art than others. One such thing is music. I am very influenced by various types of music in my art, as evident by my black metal project Hvis Lyset Tar Oss, but the one band that really stands out in my mind as a huge source of inspiration is Nine Inch Nails and the creative genius behind it, Trent Reznor.

I discovered Nine Inch Nails more or less by accident when I was 9 or 10 years old, by way of the music video for Closer (from ‘The Downward Spiral’ album) being aired on TV one afternoon. At that age I didn’t much care for the music video but I loved the music in it. This was back in the mid-90s, and I didn’t catch the band name at the time, so I had no idea what this new (to me) amazing band was called. I discovered that a few years later, when ‘The Fragile’ was released and my household fortunately had MTV 2 which provided me with more music videos and information.

I loved it.

It was weird, dark, slightly menacing, gritty and perfectly articulated my teenage angst.

So I became ever so slightly obsessed with this band – Nine Inch Nails – and over the years I would use their music as inspiration. I would also look to the album cover art, and various promotional works of art, for inspiration in my own work.

I’ve always felt that if I were to make music at any point in time, it would probably sound a lot like Nine Inch Nails in that layer-upon-layer-style that still to this day provides me with new nuances in the songs I’ve listened to a thousand times before. And these nuances are what inspires a lot of my work, along with the gritty industrial feel. I spent numerous hours wandering about my hometown taking photos of rusty old pipes and barbed wire in my youth while listening to – you guessed it: Nine Inch Nails.

For your listening pleasure, I’ve compiled a playlist of Nine Inch Nails music videos (in chronological order, no less):


What are your main inspirations?


Høstutstillingen 2017

Here in Norway, we have a thing called Høstutstillingen – an open call to all artists (art education not needed) to apply for an exhibition slot. In a fit of insanity, I decided to apply for said exhibition slot with my Hvis Lyset Tar Oss project, after it was suggested by a friend.

I whipped together a quick vlog of the editing of the extended cut. All of the videoclips in the vlog are filmed with my iPhone 6S+ & the 8mm app. I quite like the effect of that app.


Commissions – For Exposure

This is a sore subject for many artists, and The Oatmeal summed up the essence of it all.


(Click the picture!)

The other day I was asked to do a commissioned illustration for a friend. The piece is for an album cover for one of his music projects. He was up-front about there not being much in way of money as payment for this (as it is a bit of a niche-album with a fairly small audience, myself included).

I am – basically – doing this for exposure. And I’m fine with that. Why? Well…

As of right now, about 10 people on the planet are aware of my art. I’m not exposed – at all. I have no exposure to refer people to, other than this website, my facebook page, my instagram and my youtube-channel. I am working on changing that fact, but as it stands – right now – I need all the exposure I can get. If I am ever to sell a piece of art, I need people to be aware of my existence as an artist: I need exposure.

Let me be absolutely crystal clear: My friend did not assume I would do this for free / for exposure – at all.

I did – however – suggest a sort of deal for my commission work. A commission for commission, if you will: I asked my friend to make a snippet of music I could use for my YouTube-videos in exchange for me creating album art. And I made sure to say it would be “as payment” for the commission. My art will get exposure, and his music project will get exposure, as he will be credited wherever and whenever I use the music.

So – why is this whole for exposure business such a sore subject for artists? If you ask an artist – who makes a living through their art – to do something, that artist will charge you for it. It’s their livelihood – it’s what puts food on their table. Be prepared to pay for art, that’s all I’m saying.

The artist can choose to do something for free / for exposure, but it’s the artist’s call – not yours.


Sketchbook #001

For the first time in what seems like forever, I completed a sketchbook – so I decided to share it with you all.

Note: The sketchbook also features art from and/or references to other artists which I have linked in the description box, but I will also link here – for your convenience:

Martin Mentzoni

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj3oH-B4w2FDDr3byM9oSvQ
Website: http://www.kaffifanzine.com/

ReeRee Phillips

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reereephillips/

The Rain Within

FaceBook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheRainWithin/

Please do check those artists out & enjoy the video!